Starting Back

Well, I can reliably inform you that the school is well-ventilated, as I have sat in my coat for the last 7 hours. Thanks to those families who have contacted me and expressed their views on school and safety. None of this is a simple solution and I fully empathise and sympathise with the views out there.

In school, from this term, we will be adding some extra safety measures for staff, including specifying further areas in school for staff to take their breaks / changing timetables to ensure absolute minimal crossover of staff / designating specific intervention spaces and times / ensuring ventilation in every classroom and room used for teaching, as well as giving all pupils the offer to wear their coats in class should they be cold (this was the case last term, also). On a personal and professional level, I would like to thank our staff for their positivity and proactive response in the face of a media blitz, some of which has been pretty negative. We are very fortunate to have every single teacher on board, ready to start back at school and do the job they love. I can absolutely assure that this is not the case everywhere. They, too, have the right to know Thurlbear School is doing everything to provide a safe workplace.

Please support us by sticking to the steps we have set out in school, including maintaining your distance at drop-off and pick-up, keeping your own ‘bubbles’ COVID-safe and communicating with us regularly should there be any issues. We have prepared to the best of our abilities for tomorrow, based on what we are required to do by our government and regional leaders.There may come some flux in the next few hours as i am told there is a national address, but I/you need clarity in the short term, so I hope you feel you have this from us.

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