Tuesday 5th Opening

Good evening, everyone. I hope your new year has started well.
There is a little bit of deja vu in the information I am delivering, here, so apologies if this feels like we are covering the same end to 2020!

Tomorrow is our INSET Day, as planned some months ago. AS THINGS STAND, at 5:45pm Sunday night, we fully intend to be open on Tuesday to welcome you back to school. You are, no doubt, well aware of the picture regionally as well as nationally, and the mass of messages coming from all angles.
Our own Director of Children’s Services, Julian Wooster, is urging all families to send your children back to school. His exact words: “Clearly, we are keeping the situation under regular review at this time, I would strongly urge schools to remain open. Only in limited selected Tier 4 areas are primary schools delaying their opening following decisions by the DfE and the DHSC. Schools in other rural areas are remaining open in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk, much closer to the epicentre of the new version of the virus.”

As always, we will all have our own views/worries/concerns on this, but my professional duty is to follow the guidelines set by our Local Authority. I will keep you all as updated as possible in the swiftest of timeframes, as always. Please email if you need to, by all means.
Very best 2021 regards

Mr Gillan.

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